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Home elevators differ from regular passenger elevators in some things, the most important of which is space.

The area of home elevators is less than other passenger elevators, home elevators are also more decorated than regular electric elevators in order to suit the different decors of homes and villas, and they are also characterized by ease of installation and maintenance.

In light of the presence of many multi-storey homes or villas in Qatar, then it is necessary to own one of the home elevators in order to provide more comfort and safety, especially when there are elderly people in the house, and to choose the best suitable design for the place to suit the general decor of the home, and to search for the best companies specialized in Supplying and installing these home elevators with their various designs in Qatar and the Arabian Gulf, you will not find anything better than Bayern Qatar.

The best home elevators from Bayern Qatar

Byrne Qatar provides many types of home elevators that all share high quality and conform to European specifications, including but not limited to the following:

Screw drive home elevators

If you want to own a low-cost home elevator while maintaining the high level of quality provided by Bayern Qatar, you should consider this elevator with the Altura Gold screw motor, one of its most important features is that it can withstand heavy weights, and dealing with it is easy and simple.

Axis Altura Platinum home elevators

For those who are looking for the latest technology for high-quality hydraulic elevators that are suitable for their presence at home to ensure calm, lack of disturbance, and a large lifting capacity, you should consider the Altura Platinum elevator, as this elevator has many features, the most important of which are:

  • Its lifting capacity reaches about 450 kilograms, which is a large lifting capacity compared to other home elevators.

  • The elevator cabin comes with European specifications.

  • Its speed is high, reaching 0.3 m per second.

  • Byrne Qatar allows its customers to choose what suits them best from panoramic doors and walls or automatic sliding doors that are easy to operate.

Ultra Diamond home elevators

This type of elevator is characterized by its modern, modern designs that are suitable for modern homes and villas, Its décor is elegant and exquisite.

Altura Diamond elevators are fast, with a speed of about 0.4 meters per second while providing quietness that ensures that residents are not disturbed.

It also has a large number of designs that Bayern Qatar provides, which depends on the client’s needs and the budget set by the client.

The customer chooses from many privileges and various forms of technology, such as choosing the shapes of floors, ceilings, panoramic or non-panoramic walls, many forms of control panels, and the ability to save the largest amount of electricity.

Why home elevators from Bayern Qatar?

Bayern Qatar outperformed all its competing companies by a large margin.

Going back to its founding more than seven years ago, Since that time, it has specialized in providing mechanical engineering services related to lifting work, such as electric elevators, mechanical doors, elevators for the elderly and people with special needs, and others, such as the service of modernizing elevators and rotating car platforms.

Bayern Qatar has obtained many quality and excellence certificates for all its products, whether German, Italian or even economic.

Bayern Qatar also excels in implementing these projects through an elite group of engineers and technicians trained at the highest level.

You will find all of our products at competitive prices and high quality, conforming to international security and safety specifications, with commitment to supply and installation on the date previously specified with the customer.

Contact us directly by calling our customer service throughout the day and get the best home elevators in Qatar with the latest international technology with a warranty certificate and after-sales service.

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