Domestic freedom and independence are being reclaimed by people of all ages. Bayern Trading offers an appealing and cost-effective alternative for traveling between levels, allowing you to feel most comfortable by making each floor more accessible. The inconvenience of stairs and inaccessibility for residents with disability or the elderly can be easily taken care of with our custom home lift solutions. Our home lifts are offered by Thyssenkrupp Elevators: designed in Germany and built in Italy. As one of the oldest and most experienced home lift manufacturers, Thyssenkrupp elevators are known worldwide for their award-winning designs, functionality and ergonomics, robustness, reliability, elegance, and convenience.

Home lifts are set apart from passenger lifts by their extremely reduced construction requirements: A pit depth starting from 50 mm and top floor heights as low as 2470 mm. Easily adapted to all architectural requirements you have the possibility to choose according to your needs and requirements between the following options:

Altura Gold: Screw drive lifts that are the most affordable solution for minimum available spaces without compromising your comfort or ease of access. The Altura Gold is available with a platform rated for a lifting capacity of 250 kg, they can be as small as 900 W x 920 D (mm) and are offered in two other dimensions: 900 W x 1180 D and 900 W x 1440 D (mm) with the ability to have multiple entrances.

Altura Platinum: Highly adaptable lifts driven by proven and reliable hydraulic technology, they are suitable for both private and public use and offer more customization, a higher lifting capacity up to 450 kg and bigger spaces. The Altura Platinum is available with a standard platform with ceiling, open cabin, and fully enclosed cabin that provides a wider range of optional features to choose from that include panoramic walls, automatic sliding doors, multiple entrances (adjacent or opposite) and higher travelling speeds up to 0.30 m/s.

Altura Diamond: Cog belt drive lifts are quieter than a silent room and capable of reaching speeds up to 0.40 m/s. The luxurious details make it a stylish addition to any environment. The Altura Diamond has a fully enclosed cabin, with one-touch operation and automatic doors.

Our own experts will inspect your desired site, find the best fitting solution, and install your home lift quickly and efficiently. Each lift is fully customizable in terms of functionality and aesthetic.

what we aim to provide

  • Offer an exceptionally comfortable ride: With the soft start and stop technology installed on all Altura lifts, they provide an incredibly smooth ride. Simply push and release your destination button, then sit back and relax until the doors reopen at the conclusion of your journey.

  • Offer full customizability so you can create your lift: Your home lift can truly become a part of your house with an exclusive variety of decorating options. Choose either the open platform, the simplicity cabin or the deluxe cabins and add to it your special touch using our high-quality finishes for the walls, flooring, accents, control panel, and ceiling.

  • Offer easy and modular installation: Altura lifts may be erected either indoors or outdoors, in a self-supporting metallic shaft or in a masonry shaft. The lift mechanism is completely contained within the shaft, and it is powered by normal mains electricity. Altura lifts are fully certified to European safety standards

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