Bayern Systems complete their project on time and within budget, with excellent results. Bayern Systems is a global provider of escalators and elevator modernization solutions. The company has been successfully operating in the industry for over Many years. Our escalator modernisation solutions can increase the escalator's life while ensuring that it complies with the most recent safety and reliability regulations.

Advantages of Modern Escalators


When the designs of your building escalators become outdated. In that case Bayern Systems will provide Good Modernization step by step. Maintaining a clean, contemporary appearance will be made easier by updating steps, balustrades, and lighting. Your escalators will become more reliable, energy-efficient, and, most importantly, safer with modernization.


A Better Response


All of Bayern Systems's products are designed to meet specific customer requirements and are designed to perform under the most extreme conditions. A modernised escalator performs the task more effectively than earlier machinery. We believe that a better response is possible, and our team of experts are ready to help you make it happen. 

Advanced Safety Steps 

The escalator made by Bayern Systems is designed with safety in mind. Your escalator can be made even safer by modernising. For electricity, the step chain, drive, and aesthetics, we provide a comprehensive set of safety upgrades and modular modernization packages. You may give yourself and your customers additional peace of mind by investing in safety modifications that will bring your equipment up to date with the current safety laws and requirements.

Complete Design For Your Building


With our extensive selection of design modernizations, you can transform your escalator or autowalk into much more than just a means of keeping people moving. We Create exactly what you want with our complete design service. We'll take care of all the details, from building plans and specifications to the design, engineering and construction of your project.


Installation of New Escalator

We can help you install new escalators in your building. We offer competitive prices, as well as fast and efficient service. An entirely new escalator or autowalk replaces the outdated one in a full replacement renovation. We can either replace everything but the truss and install a brand-new escalator. If your escalator is old, has reliability issues, or no longer satisfies the building's needs for people flow, we advise complete replacement. Our Team will visit your place and install the suitable escalator. The new escalator offers faster access to the railway station, as well as additional access to the platform for passengers with reduced mobility.


Modular Escalator Modernization


We're here to help you make your life easier and more comfortable. We specialize in all kinds of escalators, inclines and vertical access installations. Modular escalator modernization involves the renewal or replacement of specific parts or entire systems. For instance, you can choose improvements that enhance the equipment's safety and aesthetics while preserving its mechanical functionality. With modular modernization, you can maintain your equipment up to date with regulations and take advantage of the newest technology with the least amount of disruption to tenants and visitors. Replace a drive, chain, or controller with a modular modernization project, and make other aesthetic and functional modifications to ensure that it complies with all applicable local regulations.


Why Choose Us


An Affordable Investment


Bayern Systems is a top-quality, reliable and affordable investment. By Taking Modernization from the Bayern System it increases security, dependability, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal while reducing energy use. It's even better if you select us, as we provide new innovative escalators for your place with a quick installation without any expensive charges.


Modernise things with our Expert Team


Our team of experts are here to modernise things. We provide the best solutions and services to improve the buildings, help you to makeover your escalator and provide you with a dependable, reliable and cost effective solution. As we have an expert team for Modernization. They will give you a good experience while working with us will improve reliability, usability, and comfort for you.


Quick Installation Process


Our Quick Installation Process makes it easy to install and connect your new system, while our experts ensure that all components are professionally installed. Our quick installation process allows you to set up your escalators and run within a few hours. Our Professional team provides quick installation without any disturbance to the residents and Visitors.


Working with our partnered company Volkslift we can proudly offer quality approved escalators with innovative design using various cutting-edge technologies. We offer twenty levels of protection and safety devices. Comfort and reliable technology all while using energy saving equipment and devices.

The main aim of our design

  • Absolute certainty of reliable, non-stop operation under any load it may be subject to. Using heavy duty materials, motors and drives to ensure that.
  • Safety of all passengers. Using safety devices to examine every aspect of operation for instantaneous problem solving and emergency avoidance.

Standard configuration

With all the safety equipment and heavy-duty devices, we offer the following features as a standard:

  • Skirt panel brush to avoid any small items or fabrics being lodged into the escalators moving parts
  • Handrail inlet protection to prevent any objects or limbs from being carried into circulation
  • CPU controlled automatic oiling for optimum and smooth operation of all gears and motors
  • Message display for errors or operation modes.

Optional configuration

We want to make sure you have all and any of your custom requirements met. Some of the optional features offered are:

  • Skirt panel illumination
  • Handrail illumination
  • Automatic start and stop
  • Various Handrail colours
  • Various balustrade blade colours



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