Obtaining high-quality escalators is not an easy matter, but with Bayern Qatar, it has become easier for the owners of large malls in Qatar and for all companies supplying Qatari national projects, such as airports, subways, train stations, or important companies who use escalators.

Since Bayern Qatar took over the sales and marketing rights for the products of the international company VolksLift for mechanical lifting mechanisms, such as electric elevators, elevators for people with special needs, escalators, automatic gates, etc..

The Qatari market has become in a state of saturation and lack of concern due to the lack of these products, their maintenance or the presence of original spare parts for it.

The importance of escalators

There is no doubt that escalators are one of the practical solutions that help move people from one floor to another in a more comfortable manner.

They also help maintain order and avoid crowding in the event of a large number of people in a particular building, thus reducing the incidence of injuries or accidents.

Escalator components

The escalator system relies on many components, which Bayern Qatar provides with the latest internationally known technology, such as:

  • Engine: It is the main part of this system.

  • Controllers.

  • Gears.

  • Iron stairs.

  • Carrier belt: It is a pair of rings that are connected to each other in the form of a rotating chain.

  • Safety devices: These devices vary from one escalator to another according to the client’s desire and the budget set for this matter, and the most important of them are (motion sensors, others to adjust the temperature, others to monitor the electrical current values, an emergency switch, brushes for the stairs, and other wonderful things), all of which are available at Bayern Qatar.

The best escalators in Qatar

Bayern Qatar owns a wonderful and distinguished collection of escalators, all of which meet European specifications and conform to international safety and quality standards.

The company holds quality certificates for all of its products.

If you are looking for the best companies that supply escalators in Qatar, you will not find anything better than Bayern Qatar, as it is a global company on Qatari soil with competitive prices.

It is one of the largest competing companies in the world of elevators in Qatar, and for this reason it faces many challenges and difficulties in order to always gain acceptance among all customers.

This is what it has maintained and as a result gained the trust of all its customers.

Bayern Qatar searches with the client, through a team of mechanical engineers specialized in designing and implementing escalators or electric escalators, for the best places in the building in which these escalators are to be installed and provides all solutions for them and the most prominent suitable escalators with their wonderful and distinctive decorative shapes and the safety systems the client needs in them.

It also provides Many optional features if the client so desires, such as distinctive lighting on both sides of the escalator or on the staircase panel, for example.

Advantages of owning escalators from Bayern Qatar

Bayern Qatar guarantees you many important advantages if you install escalators, the most prominent of which are, for example:

  • Security, safety and quality are the main title of all the company's products.

  • Our escalators are more energy efficient than others on the market.

  • Elegant and modern shapes that the customer chooses from for escalators.

  • It also provides streamlined handrail arms for greater protection for passengers.

  • Bayern Qatar's escalators operate smoothly and are quiet, so they do not produce noises that disturb passengers.

  • Paying attention to after-sales service for all the company’s customers, with a real guarantee for all components of the escalator system.

  • The company provides periodic inspection devices to alert any of the ladder components in need of maintenance and thus reduces the incidence of any malfunctions.

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