We offer Premium Elevators & Mobility Systems.We believe that the ability to move around should never be taken for granted.
European Engineering and Qatari Ambition Combine to Raise Our Elevators to the Top.
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About us

We are Qatari based company, specialized in vertical, horizontal, and inclined lift systems for residential and commercial buildings.
We provide a wide variety of Passenger and Service Elevators, Platform lifts, Cargo lifts, Dumbwaiters and Stairlifts. Also, we offer Maintenance and monitoring system services for elevators.

Our Goals are :

To develop products that suit Qatari standards

To fulfill client needs with quality service

To provide unique and innovative engineering solutions

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Added value to your residence: having an elevator in your place can increase the value of it.
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People get stuck in elevators due to the absence of monitoring systems.

Our set of services goes hand in hand with the local market, so we always understand what is needed to deliver the best service to our customers.

Our Services

Supply and Installation

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Maintenance Services


Monitoring Services


 Operative Services


Supply and Installation

We offer a rapid installation service with no damage or destruction to your building; we only need a 5 cm pit and 270 cm overhead height. Our products follow European standards EN 50-81 and EN 20-81


Maintenance Services

We offer preventive maintenance to be done on monthly basis.


Monitoring Services

Our elevators are supplied with Bayern Elevator Cloud server, allowing our team to analyze any situation and quickly take action.


 Operative Services

 Our elevators are equipped with a Data Transmitting System to monitor their performance. It even notifies our engineers in case of any emergency (24/7).

Our Products
Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator


Home Lift

New Project (4)

Panoramic Elevator

Hospital Elevator

Hospital Elevator

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Freight and Car Elevator




Stairlift &Platform lift

Car Turnable

Car Turntable

Adjustable Floor

Adjustable Floor System

We Are Open For Opportunities!

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Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

Our elevators are manufactured by Volkslift Schindler, Thyssenkrupp Access Solutions and many others. ThyssenKrupp Access BDD products are designed in Germany and manufactured in Italy. They give people around the world the ability to move comfortably around buildings by providing stairlifts, platform lifts and home lifts, which are distributed via a network of carefully chosen business partners. When you choose an Access BDD lift, you’re choosing a high-quality product, supported by expert service and advice. Their products are suitable for both existing buildings (requires only 5cm pit) and buildings under construction, installed easily with no damage or destruction, and for both indoor and outdoor installation. Volkslift Schindler products are designed according to German standards. Advanced equipment and technologies are used to produce efficient and high-quality elevators. Their elevators are suitable for buildings under construction (shaft not smaller than 1.3*1.3m and pit minimum 0.9m), applicable for residential and high-rise buildings (stops are not limited), in addition to their high speed and huge variety of designs including panoramic elevators.

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Premium Plan


Starter Plan


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