Why Choose Bayern Systems?

Bayern Systems’ team is always here tracking everything new in the market and one of the most notable changes is how everything is connected to the Internet. Our customers’ satisfaction is a main priority so for that our elevators’ are tailor made to meet their needs with minimal destruction to their residences.

To ensure our customers’ satisfaction and to prove our confidence in our machines we offer a lifetime warranty of 20 years for your lift, 10 years for your controller, and five years for other parts.

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Commercial Lifts

Bayern Systems offers a variety of commercial lifts like passenger, panorama, bed and freight lifts that don't need a machine room with high speed.

Home Lifts

Our home lifts consist from various cabin designs in addition to our Altura range that has a special design and technical features that suits each home needs. Our Altura cabins are made to fit your house without any damage to your place indoor or outdoor.

Stair Lifts

Our variety of stair lifts can be placed in curved and straight lifts, in addition to its possibility to be placed indoor or outdoor.

Platform Lifts

Inclined platform lifts are easy to use, ergonomically designed controls, and advanced safety and security features. Our platform lifts offer customizable solutions to be present in public buildings.

Custom Built TransportSystems

It is an adjustable floor system that provides the possibility to temporiraly reduce the shallowness of a part or the entire surface of a pool.When installed a safe and resilient surface is created guaranteeing maximum safety and peace of mind.

Design and DevelopProducts

We focus on designing and developing products that suit the Qatari environment. From selecting the basic materials to delivering premium features, we work to perfect every aspect of our products to ensure they are considered to be — without hesitation — the best fit for Qatar.

Supply and InstallVTS

We take special care to be sure that every vertical transportation machine we install adheres to the highest installation standards.We follow En81-20 and En81-50 instructions, and we only use advanced calibration tools to analyze the performance of our products.This process helps guarantee the best customer experience.

Maintenance Contracts

We believe in providing maintenance contracts that deliver real value to our customers. Customers appreciate that we know our business inside and out, and we’re able to fix any kind of electronic device or chip. Our goal is to reduce costs, improve functionality and ensure customer appreciation

Operative Services

Being stuck in an elevator can be a terrifying scenario for a lot of people, and it brings significant costs to operators. That’s why we have a complete, manufacturer-independent solution: an emergency call center that is manned 24/7. We also have advanced hardware and a comprehensive partner network to ensure rapid assistance is delivered for emergencies and to quickly carry out unexpected repairs.

Auditing Services

There are several paths an elevator audit — or vertical transportation condition assessment — can take. At Bayern Systems, our approach is to conduct a vertical transportation analysis based on the building’s current needs in order to discover areas of opportunity. We believe that audits, including hard and soft costs, are an individual process because every building is unique. We also help clients with their own ideas about how to manage their equipment by offering our assessment to confirm if their way will work properly and safely.

Bayern Elevator Cloud

One of our most important and interesting services is our “Bayern Elevator Cloud’’. We know how much getting stuck in an elevator is a night mare for people so for that our elevator cloud is there for the rescue. It is a web-based platform for measuring and monitoring elevator performance. It provides detailed monthly reports about elevators’ performance. It analyzes the elevator’s speed, stoppage and controlling. The best part is that it send automatic notifications for Bayern’s engineers in case any emergency.



We are agents of Volkslift and ThyssenKrupp in Qatar so its our plessure to preview their biggest projects in Doha, Qatar.Several projects were established by them from Hamad Airport to many other projects.

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Our customers' satisfaction matters, for that we are proud to be certified from several parties.

All certifications show that we follow all European and Qatari standards providing a foundation of broad and deep understanding.

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