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At Bayern Systems we offer a variety of elevator types to suit all kind of customer needs. We are one of the best elevator maintenance companies in Qatar. We provide elevator maintenance service & we are elevator manufacturer Qatar & elevator supplier in Qatar.

Our products ensure superior and smooth operation for commercial, residential, and hotel buildings… etc. Our wide range of products offer various features to accommodate all requirements and situations, such as:

1. Higher cabin and wider door for a more open feeling.
2. Elegant with a fine choice of interior designs.

3. Comfortable due to advanced layout and components.

4. Effective by outstanding multiple elevator control features.

1-Elevator Maintenance Company in Qatar

In Bayern, we offer the best elevator company in Qatar, a group of the best variety of elevators that suit all needs in various places, and these types are as follows:

2-Passenger Elevator

With our latest technology we offer elevator systems cars that are optimized for space perception and drive comfort. This is done with a strict design, specialised manufacturing, and professional installation to guarantee your personal safety all managed with a monitoring system. Every system is complete with full service and attention to your exact specifications. All this is done with energy savings in mind to enhance the system to be low-carbon and green. The solutions we provide are highly specific to ensure the perfect fit for each situation. That is why we offer various types of lift system, each with a customizable and flexible design. All while having our trusted suppliers adhere to the exact standards of our modular solutions. The types include:

3-Machine room lift elevator

The housing of the three-phase motors that drive our cabins require many complex devices. Here we specialize in our compact and flexible designs that enable higher load lifts with lesser space availability.

Machine room less elevators

This method allows us to install our lifts in almost any architectural design. Our lifts excel at generating the highest load to size ratio. The smaller size permits newer designs and technologies that enhances your ride experience and machine lifetime.

4-Concrete shafts

In buildings with prebuilt elevator shafts, our highly adjustable design makes your choice of elevator lift possible. We are equipped with the software and hardware necessary to provide the lift you desire regardless of the space or shape restrictions.

Steel structures

In locations where the shaft is not available, we offer steel structure solutions that are strain and stress tested over long periods of time to ensure the utmost safety standards.

5-Panoramic Elevators

Get all the features and convenience of our passenger elevators while also enriching your space with fancy and elegant panoramic designs. Available for both steel structures and uniquely designed concrete shafts, panoramic elevators are not only offered in a squared layout, but they can also be semi-circular or even completely round. Starting with the interior, you have multiple design selections to choose from: Full glass windows, mirrors, custom colours, various lighting devices and more up to your specifications. As for the exterior, Bayern Trading offers many cabin claddings for you to choose and customize.

6-Bed Elevators

Hospitals and medical centers require dedicated cabin designs that can allow for medical beds, patient transporters, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment along with the crew, we assembled their experience into the perfect solution with wide opening doors and deeper cabins.


Where stability is paramount to transport diets, beverages, dinnerware, money, files, books and so on, our dumbwaiters are ready to serve you in a rapid manner while eliminating the chance of any disturbance. Dumbwaiter elevators are widely used in hotels, libraries, laboratories, office buildings, banks, private villas, and other places.

8-Cargo Elevators

Vertical cargo elevators with high capacities are suitable for warehouses, workshops, factories, and storehouses. Offered in both fully enclosed cabins with concrete shafts as well as open cabins with steel structures, they are widely used to transport goods alone or on pallets, crates, trolleys safely and efficiently between floors of buildings. They can work both indoors and outdoors as they are made of high-quality steel that will withstand any demanding work environment and maintain its smart appearance.

For every demanding job the cargo lift must deliver, we offer numerous layouts for entrances and drives such as traction machines and hydraulic technology that shines in places where pits cannot be excavated, narrow spaces, and where the top floor heights do not allow for traction machines. Our cargo elevators provide fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to mezzanines, basements, garages and any level in multistory buildings.

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