Are you in the process of installing an elevator in your building? Would you like to resort to this in order to make it easier for those in the building to go up and down without effort and in the least time? So you need to get acquainted with the technical specifications of electric elevators first so that you are fully aware of what your elevator needs in terms of technical specifications for a smooth transition based on the intensity of use and the expected load size.

In this article, we give you a detailed explanation of electric elevators and their types, the most important technical specifications of electric elevators, the most important factors controlling this, the best companies that you can rely on to benefit from standard specifications for your elevator, just follow our article until the end.

What is an escalator?

The electric escalator is one of the new means of transporting people or goods between the floors of the building in the least time and with the least possible effort. For its function to the fullest, it must have some technical specifications, which workers in that industry call - technical specifications for electric elevators -

Technical specifications for electric elevators

The technical specifications of the electric elevators, Hydraulic elevators are represented in a set of conditions that must be included in the elevator for safe transportation without risks and higher efficiency without stopping, and among the most important technical specifications that we at Bayern the best elevator company in Qatar are committed to applying in all the elevators that we provide to our customers are:

Elevator cabin walls

We are committed to relying on the finest types of stainless steel, sheet metal coated with stainless steel, or even whole wood. The choice is up to the customer, but we generally rely on the finest materials for durable, strong, and rust-resistant walls.

control system

As for the elevator movement control system, the elevators provided by us depend on VVVF technology.

Elevator cabin size (elevator car)

The size must be suitable for the number of people to be transported so that each person inside the elevator has a space of approximately 2 feet. If we want to design an elevator that can accommodate 3 people, the cabin space must not be less than 6 feet.

Elevator speed

The speed of the elevator varies from one elevator to another according to the number of floors or meters that it will travel up and down, and one of the most important technical specifications for electric elevators is the speed of the elevator, which is usually for the passenger elevator:

  • Between 100-150 ft/min in a private residence.
  •  Between 100-350 ft/min in hotels and residential homes.
  • Between 100 to 300 ft/min in supermarkets.
  • Between 250-800 ft/min in corporate buildings.

Elevator machine location

 The elevator machine must be located in a suitable place; The elevator machine is usually installed in a room called the engine room or machine room, usually at the top of the building.

  In some other types of cabins, the machine is installed in the basement, in practice, it is not acceptable because it needs longer crane cables.

the engine

The power of the engine must be in accordance with the size of the building and the size of the cabin so that it can raise the cabin all these floors at a good speed.

Cab shape

The best elevator cab shape is one with a wide nose and shallow depth, as this provides a wide front which means sufficient door opening and thus facilitates rapid transfer of passengers at floor level.

In addition to the technical specifications related to the following:

  • The elevator stops when the load is more than allowed.
  • The doors are ready to open when approaching the required floor.
  • The possibility of controlling the elevator separately, especially if it is within a group of elevators built inside a building that contains a large number of elevators.
  • Electromechanical brake system and locks.

You can contact us in bayern The best elevator installation companies in Qatar to learn more about the technical specifications of the electric elevators, which we provide to our customers in cooperation with major international suppliers of the finest types of elevators that comply with European safety and security standards.

Factors determining the technical specifications of the elevator

The technical specifications of the prices of electric elevators are usually determined based on several factors:

  • The expected load of the elevator.
  • The number of stops is based on the number of floors.
  • The dimensions of the elevator shaft, should not be less than 110 x 120 cm.
  • desired speed.
  • The type of motor is determined based on the type of the elevator itself.

Elevator installation conditions

We cannot talk about the technical specifications of electric elevators without talking about the conditions for installing elevators in any building. Not every building is suitable for installing an elevator, but some conditions must be met in order for the elevator to be installed safely, including:

  • There must be sufficient space for the installation of the elevator to operate safely without affecting the building.
  • Provide sufficient space for the machine room, provided that it has special specifications with regard to lighting, ventilation, insulation, and insurance against fires and all other risks.
  • The machine room must have a suitable area and have cooling and ventilation factors that maintain the temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Providing a good elevator to connect the electric current with a voltage that is appropriate to the size of the elevator and the engine power, which is determined based on the number of floors.
  • Flat floor and strong enough to support lifting while loading.

The average person may not be able to understand all the standards and specifications necessary to install a safe elevator that achieves the purpose required for its installation in accordance with the standards and standard specifications. Therefore, relying on a distinguished company with the required professionalism and efficiency is very important to make sure that you will get a really good product.

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