The idea of installing an elevator in a building is often seen as an expensive and sometimes expensive idea, especially with the high prices of electric elevators that include more advanced capabilities, but in fact when comparing the prices of home elevators or even elevators in companies or factories with the return from this matter in terms of The ease of moving between the floors of the building and the speed of movement. You will find that what you incur is a very low cost, especially if you can cooperate in that with a professional company.

What are the prices of electric elevators in Qatar? What are the factors determining the prices of home elevators? What about elevator prices in dollars? What is the best company you can rely on to install different types of elevators? This is exactly what we dedicated this article to discuss, just follow our article to the end.

What is the importance of installing elevators in buildings?

First, before talking about the prices of electric elevators, you have to ask yourself an important question. What is the importance of installing an elevator in the first place? Because the answer to this question is what will push you to bear the expected cost.

The importance of installing elevators in homes or even commercial places are:

  • Facilitate moving between floors quickly and easily.
  • Helping the elderly and people with special needs to climb to higher floors without the need for assistance.

As for commercial places, we see that the prices of electric elevators here are an investment amount - yes - you invest in the building to increase the work capacity, through the elevator:

  • You will be able to transport large quantities of goods in record time.
  • You will reduce the labor cost of moving the goods because you will depend on the elevator for this.
  • You will save a lot of time, effort, and cost.

This is the same thing that you will get when installing electric elevators in hotels, malls, factories, or anywhere, as the elevator is like a long-term investment in your building.

Elevator prices

I know that when you opened this link you wanted to know the prices of electric elevators in Qatar specifically, and in fact I understand that, but it is difficult to determine a specific price for elevators in general, as the price varies according to the requirements of each customer, there are very many factors that control the price, but if you want to know Average prices We can say that the average prices of electric elevators in Qatar start from 75,000 Qatari riyals.

Factors Determining the prices of home elevators

As for the factors determining the prices of domestic and non-domestic elevators, they are:

Elevator mechanism

There are different types of elevators, some of which are hydraulic, some of which work with a traction mechanism, some of which are electric or automatic, and certainly, elevator prices vary according to the working mechanism.

Elevator foundation work

Some elevators need an engine room, while others do not. According to the excavation and foundation works, the elevator shafts differ from one type to another.

Transition distance between floors

Certainly, for an elevator that moves between 6 floors, its cost will differ from an elevator that moves between 15 floors. The greater the travel distance, the more the elevator needs higher capabilities and stronger motors, and therefore the prices of electric elevators increase with the increase in the travel distance between floors.

Elevator car design

The elevator car can be designed with one door, two opposite doors, or side-by-side doors, depending on the installation site and customer preference.

The number and types of doors

Does the customer wish to install automatic doors that open automatically upon reaching the intended floor, or is it preferable to rely on the option of regular doors?

Accessories and finishing

Cabin finishing such as glass, handles, interior decoration, does the customer want to add wooden panels or not, reflective glass or not, and such details that raise or lower the prices of electric elevators.

The witness in the matter is that the matter is due to the nature of the building, the customer’s preferences, and the security and safety factors in all the details of the elevator, and accordingly the cost increases or decreases. We at Bayern always work to combine the highest possible capabilities for the best possible price, so that the customer can finally achieve the maximum Take advantage of the lowest price.

Bayern- The best in the world of elevators in Qatar

Dear reader, making your decision about installing an elevator in your building requires relying on a professional company, yes, with the experience and competence necessary to provide a final product that has all the safety factors.

Bayern Company is the best elevator company in Qatar, which not only has extensive experience in this field, but also:

  • Many successful projects have been completed in many commercial centers and important residential buildings.
  • Its technical team includes a number of the most skilled and professional elevator construction engineers.
  • It has the trust of many customers who rely on it thanks to the level of service provided.
  • Its services include after-sales services such as warranty and maintenance to maintain the life of the elevator.
  • The best price offers for electric elevators are offered to the customer to enjoy the highest benefit for the best price.
  • Provides different alternatives of elevators for the customer to choose what suits his taste and capabilities.
  • The company cooperates with major international companies to supply the best products.
  • The company has all the credits that qualify it to provide excellent customer service.
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