Comfortable mobility in your own residence can be an increasingly challenging task with age or after medical procedures. The flow stairlift model offers to restore your access without any hassle all while increasing the value of your home. The Flow can be installed even in narrow and higher slope staircases with turns and twists. We ensure the installation in as fast and secure as possible to reduce any inconvenience. The elegant design guarantees a long living device up to European safety standards and a modern aesthetic to match your home.

Features: The flow comes with standard and exclusive features which include

  • An ergonomically designed back seat to help encourage a healthy posture

  • Custom tailoring to your personal comfort with a vast range of options

  • Advanced swivel technology (ASL), this allows the stair lift to remain perfectly level using top-of-the-line corrective devices at turns and different elevation changes on your staircase.

  • Swivel options to allow access for unassisted stair use

  • Adjustable arm rests for controls and space reduction when not in use

  • Emergency brakes and near object detection for added safety

  • Backup battery in case of electrical disconnection

  • The stairlift will return to the bottom of the stairs in the event of a battery running out

Home glide

With the home glide model, we can offer a smooth assistance device for straight staircase mobility. After deciding on your own personalized design of colors for the rail and the upholstery, the inconvenience of going up the stairs can be resolved in a few short hours of installation. The home glide offers an unrivaled smooth experience with the highest standard of safety. The mechanical advantage of the seat makes the staircase just as accessible after installation for regular staircase use. The device is compact and folds neatly into itself saving space and presenting a classy look for your home.


Accessibility for all is a necessary goal for a more comfortable and fair experience. We offer the supra model platform lift to help achieve that goal. The device is perfect for indoor and outdoor installation with a wide platform and the high load capability allows for wheelchairs and medium weight motorized mobility assistance devices as well. The offered stability and ability to be added to any existing staircase regardless of design allows for unlimited utility for your location. Cargo can be secured and transported with the assurance of level and safe movement.

Standard and optional Features

  • Added safety monitoring devices

  • Emergency brakes

  • Near object detection to avoid collisions

  • Handrails for added security of passengers 

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